Inside The Fashion Poet: How to build a profitable lifestyle blog

Inside The Fashion Poet: How to build a profitable lifestyle blog

Annie Vazquez told us how blogging has changed over the years, how to make money from branded content, and why she is launching a project outside of the fashion world


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Blog Makeover: Keep the Tail Wagging

Designing a blog for dog lovers

How to use grids: best practices for beginners

How to use Setka Editor and other web design services when working on the design of your articles

A guide to grids for media and bloggers

What they are, how they were first used and their significance in media design

Inside the TV2 newsroom: how an independent publication survives in Russia

Editor-in-chief Victor Muchnik tells us how an online media interacts with the authorities and experiments with new formats

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Matt Waite: “Drones will help give us new perspective on stories”

An award-winning journalist and a drone instructor at the University of Nebraska shares his views on storytelling with UAVs

Inside the ArchDaily newsroom: how to build an international publication about architecture from Chile

David Basulto on how to improve the quality of cities with the help of the web

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Paul Ford (Postlight): “I’d love to focus on how we can make writers and editors more powerful”

Postlight co-founder talks about his studio’s projects with Bloomberg, building platforms for online publications, and the future of media

Stephane Elbaz (The Outline): “When you build the future, the past remains the most valuable resource”

The design director of new publication The Outline shares his opinion on how to design online media in the Snapchat era

Inside De Correspondent newsroom: how to create a successful subscription-based media

Ernst-Jan Pfauth shares the techniques De Correspondent uses to make its subscription-based model work

Inside Freunde Von Freunden newsroom: how to make sponsored content work

Frederik Frede shares how his design background supported him in developing his own publication.

John Maeda (Automattic): “Designers’ role will be to support the social conscience of the product”

Accent talks to an acclaimed designer and influencer about the importance of inclusion, the future of design, and the open web

Inside the Quartz newsroom: creating a business publication for the new generation

Gideon Lichfield shared with us the techniques Quartz uses to cover major events and why media companies need growth editors